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“Killing two birds with one stone.”

Multi-tasking may work for some people, but rarely is it effective on human beings. People want you to pay attention to them – it’s a basic human need. If you try to serve two different customers at once, it may cause one or both of the customers to lose interest. You will frustrate yourself because you expect to win them both over, but when it doesn’t work, you will lose momentum and motivation.

If you try to kill two birds with one stone, you will run the risk of wounding the birds, and not really killing them. Your customers will not be happy if you promise duck on the table for dinner, but serve birds that aren’t even dead yet. I always appreciate someone who devotes the time and attention to each customer, report, task, — and still manages to ship on time. They may serve one customer at a time, but they certainly don’t lose momentum, or motivation.