“The happiest of people make the most of what comes their way.” ~Unknown

Sometimes User Experience Research can be stressful. It can be difficult to manage competing priorities between clients and projects, and it is nearly impossible to please everyone. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be “perfect.” How then, can we make sure that we are delivering value to the organizations we serve?

Make the most of your mistakes. I’m learning more and more, that instead of perfecting a project to flawlessness, it is more important to make the most of the hours I’m given, and embrace any mistakes that come my way. Doing your very best, and giving it your all, suddenly isn’t about putting in all the hours you can, but making the most of your mistakes.

Address the root cause of your failures. Instead of putting in a ton of hours perfecting your work, embrace your failures, and instead spend more time finding new ways to solve the root problem for the failure (lack of resources, clarifying priorities, etc.).

Show your clients & employers that you can pace yourself, and won’t burn out. Clients and employers really want to make the most of our services, and are happiest when they can use our talents and skills to their fullest potential. They don’t want us to burn out, hit a wall, or crash. They want us to continue to produce high value to their organization.

The only choice I see, is to work hard during the hours we are given, make mistakes along the way, and learn from them. This does not mean we should slack off, and not do our best at work. It means learning to say no to distractions, and being highly efficient in our work.


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