Build Your UX Stamina

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

As a UX professional, you will face many opponents – many people will want to fight you. They will play devil’s advocate, mistreat you, and question your work. They will resist your ideas and tell you tell you you can’t do what you want to do.

So much of the work a UX Professional does is subjective and artistic – there isn’t a right or wrong way to do what we do. However, people will fight you, grill you with questions and disapprove of your judgement.

This will exhaust you – unless you have the stamina to sustain you. How do you build the stamina needed to continue to stand up for what is right? For me, I need to build physical stamina. With strong physical stamina, I have the strength in my heart to:

* remain calm in the midst of conflict
* confront conflict at work and family
* stand up for myself
* call co-workers out when they do something wrong
* work through conflict with difficult people
* do the right thing, when others pressure me not to
* say “no” when someone tries to take advantage of me
* set and enforce boundaries with children and family

UX Professionals need strength in their heart to stand up for what is right. If you tend to get exhausted in the midst of conflict, confrontation, bullying, or pressure – try building your physical stamina. You might just find the strength to do the right thing.


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