Talking too fast

“…Studies show that people that talk too fast tend to be insecure and suffer from low self-esteem.” Sindy Martin

I think this quote best applies to several speeches I’ve done, and many other people I know. We dull down our talks with ums and ahs, distracting the audience from hearing our thoughts. I worked with a public speaking coach who recommended speaking slower, because when I talk too fast, and run out of things to say, I fill the silence with ums. One way I learned to overcome this is to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and enunciate clearly.

Also, consciously punctuating your sentences with gestures helps too. Punctuating a spoken sentence at all is really important – avoiding connecting thoughts together too much with “and…so…”

Thirdly, if I am prepared with some kind of outline, I know what thought to move to next. Even when I am not prepared, retrospectively thinking about it, I will quickly outline something to say, to be prepared for next time.

Speaking slowly exudes confidence in yourself, and helps others be more confident in you.


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