Monthly Archives: April 2010

Experience Mobile Platforms

My husband and I have been very reluctant to purchasing smart phones, mainly for the monthly expense. But after I attended the 2010 IA Summit my perspective changed. So many fellow professionals, colleagues, and mentors use smart phones, and experience the web very differently than I do. I realized that not getting a smart phone was depriving myself from learning a whole new platform that we now need to design for. Not having experience with a smart phone, is like not having experience with a computer.

This compelled my husband and I to switch to iPhones. We are excited to learn this new technology, and how it helps improve lives.


Talking too fast

“…Studies show that people that talk too fast tend to be insecure and suffer from low self-esteem.” Sindy Martin

I think this quote best applies to several speeches I’ve done, and many other people I know. We dull down our talks with ums and ahs, distracting the audience from hearing our thoughts. I worked with a public speaking coach who recommended speaking slower, because when I talk too fast, and run out of things to say, I fill the silence with ums. One way I learned to overcome this is to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and enunciate clearly.

Also, consciously punctuating your sentences with gestures helps too. Punctuating a spoken sentence at all is really important – avoiding connecting thoughts together too much with “and…so…”

Thirdly, if I am prepared with some kind of outline, I know what thought to move to next. Even when I am not prepared, retrospectively thinking about it, I will quickly outline something to say, to be prepared for next time.

Speaking slowly exudes confidence in yourself, and helps others be more confident in you.

“Keep true to the dreams of your youth” – Schiller

Many of us think about the dreams we had as a child, and work incredibly hard to make them come true. People who can achieve these dreams tell incredible stories of ambition, endurance, triumph, etc. However, from my experience, the most exhilarating experiences of my life have exceeded my dreams and expectations.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream. But if you seize opportunities that come to you – with all your heart – you will experience accomplishments beyond your wildest dreams.

2010 IA Summit

I’m very excited to speak at the 2010 IA Summit next week! Three years ago I attended my first IA Summit in 2007, where I met Kristen Johansen, Senior UX Manager for Citrix Online. Soon after that I started an internship with Citrix Online, and became a full time employee in 2007. Working for Citrix Online, with Kristen Johansen, and her rock star UX Team has been one of the best experiences of my life!

At the 2010 IA Summit, I will be sharing some breakthroughs some colleagues and I made on a project we conducted last year. Elizabeth Thapliyal helped co-author the presentation, and will be there for Q&A as well! I’d love to see you there!